• Datacenter Consultancy
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Network & Data Security
  • ZkTeco
  • Datacenter Consultancy

    We design and build entire infrastructure for the customer’s business also maintain to enable a smooth business operation. Our consultancy experts cater to,

    * Datacenter Designing and Building
    * Data security, & regulatory compliance
    * Physical Security- Access control & surveillance system
    * Electrical Installations
    * Environment Threat Analysis
    * Environment monitoring systems & Rise floor solutions
    * Server / Telecommunication racks and cooling methods
    * Server, Storage, Messaging and Data Backup solutions
    * Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity solutions
    * Server Consolidation solutions
    * Solutions to overcome those problems

  • Profit+ERP

    1. Sales Management - Profit Plus ERP Sales Management Enterprise
    a. Point of Sale - Profit Plus ERP Super Store Management
    b. Point of Sale - Profit Plus ERP Restaurant Management
    c. Point of Sale - Profit Plus ERP Service Station Management
    d. Cooperate Sale - Profit Plus ERP Cooperate
    2. Inventory Management - Profit Plus ERP Inventory Management
    3. Accounts Receivable - Profit Plus ERP Account Receivable
    4. Accounts Payables - Profit Plus ERP Accounts Payable
    5. Fixed Asset Management - Profit Plus ERP Fixed Asset Management
    6. Branch Management - Profit Plus ERP Branch Management
    7. Bank Reconciliation - Profit Plus ERP Bank Reconciliation
    8. Production Planning - Profit Plus ERP Production Planning
    9. Job Costing - Profit Plus ERP Job Costing
    10. Quotation Handling - Profit Plus ERP Quotation Handling
    11. General Ledger - Profit Plus ERP General Ledger
    12. Customer Relationship Management - Profit Plus ERP Customer Relationship Management
    13. Supply Chain Management - Profit Plus ERP Supply Chain Management
    14. Forecasting - Profit Plus ERP Smart Forecasting
    15. Business Intelligence - Profit Plus ERP Business Intelligence
    16. Business Alerts - Profit Plus ERP Business Alerts

  • Environment Monitoring

    The system is capable of handling the following thresholds, notifying to parties via, Web console, email, SMS, voice call, audible noise, and visual alarm beacon.

    Monitor Temperature
    The most common environmental threat in any server room or wiring closet is heat. Detect critical rises or drops in temperature, and receive notifications when heating problems occur.

    Monitor Humidity
    Detect abnormal humidity conditions. You define the humidity levels that are appropriate for each sensor's environment.

    Monitor power
    Detect various conditions on the AC power (voltage changes, frequency changes ..) You define the levels that are appropriate for each sensor's environment.

    Detect the Presence of Water
    Whether it's a tripped sprinkler system or a flash flood, a server room or wiring closet is just about the last place you want to see water. Receive notification as soon as water makes an appearance.

    Monitor Physical Security
    Monitor "dry-contact" devices including motion sensors, IP Camera, door sensors, vibration sensors and smoke detectors.


    Current data flow the network demand more traffic ever before. Most of analog signals has been converted to digital, and it uses the existing data infrastructure. Reliability of the infrastructure should to be maintained properly and new infrastructure must comply with future cloud development. We provide the following services to cater those demands. Legacy systems been challenged by latest IT solutions, and one data cable control the whole world. We cater …

    * LAN, WAN, Premise Network cabling solutions
    * Enterprise Network Management solutions
    * Convergence of voice, data and video
    * Enterprise class voice solutions & IP based solution (IP Telephony)
    * Network monitoring tools

  • Network & Data Security

    Data and information is the most important assets of any organization. Information leakage has significant impact on existence of organizations, individuals, or governments. Therefore securing of information is not an option in today’s highly unsecure environment. It is highly difficult task to implement a security policy only by one appliance, and it is even more challenging to implement a perfectly secure environment. However risk can be eliminated or minimized by adhering best practices of the industry and following standards as ITIL ect. Managed environments contribute to productivity of the employees, and efficiency of production in addition to the information security.

    We cater to the following areas..

    * Network Security Management
    * Organizational Risk Assessment
    * Security Strategy and Roadmap
    * Security policy and Procedure Development
    * Perimeter Security solutions
    * Intrusion Detection solutions
    * Unified Threat Management solutions
    * Authorization, authentication and accounting solutions
    * Anti virus/ anti spam solutions
    * Professional & Consultancy services
    * Annual Maintenance contract

  • ZkTeco

    ZKTeco, founded in March 1998, is a world-leading enterprise specialized in Hybrid-Biometric Verification technology.

         ZKTeco currently owns the largest quantity of patents and intellectual property rights in the field, and applies biometric verification technology to smart office, smart financing, smart traffic, and smart security, with a service network covering the entire world. ZKTeco has established an innovation center for hybrid biometric verification technology and Internet of Things in Silicon Valley in the USA, and a research institute for cloud platform, cloud computing, and big data in Europe. ZKTeco also owns a manufacturing center in Dongguan, plus three enterprises and a laboratory specializing in biometric verification algorithms and business operations in the USA. ZKTeco Core Algorithm Laboratory, Smart Verification Laboratory, Northern China Technical Service Center, Global Technical Service Center, and Russia/Japan/South Korea Sales Center have been established in Dalian China. ZKTeco also owns branch offices in every province in China, and over 20 countries including Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Iran, Turkey, Russia and Malaysia etc. with over 80% foreign employees, with a scale of over 3,000 employees including 1,000 research staff. With the rapid development and innovation of technology, ZKTeco has always been at the frontline of biometric verification core technology, constructing business ecosystems with platform thinking, leading the banking development with IoT+ Internet ideas, and striving to be the paragon of the industry.