• Human Resource Information System
  • Profit+ERP
  • Access Control
  • POS Solution
  • Mobile Apps
  • Visitor Management System
  • Human Resource Information System

    The “SMART HRIS” System is a platform which enables the enterprise to plan, build, and manage the Human capital of the organization. The solution is based on cloud technology. Customer has multiple options for deployment. The System could reside in the public internet cloud, or in an internal server. If it is deployed internally, the system will work as a private cloud application.

    The system functions in a secured platform and can be deployed to BPO operations to manage their customers. Conglomerates can manage their subsidiaries and SBU operations. Multinationals can manage their clusters and regions with customized rules for each region.

    The system based on following Modules
    1 Employee Profile
    2 Attendance Management
    3 Self Service Portal for online leave approval (Web portal)
    4 Online Salary Processing
    5 Multi Companies Department Support
    6 Performance Appraisal
    7 Company Calendar
    8 Recruitment
    9 Document Management
    10 Loan Type Management
    11 Assets Management
    12 Benefit Management
    13 Value Added Services - Meal Tracking
    14 Value Added Services - Email Notification
    15 Attendance Upload from different locations / branches
    16 Enterprise Management - Base Module
    17 Increment Management, and Increment Reminders
    18 Promotion Management, and Reminders
    19 Training & Implementation

    A customer has the ability to purchase any of these modules based on the requirement. Each module comprises of fully fledge automated process to eliminate legacy paper work, to achieve user friendly e-HRM system. Then integration part supported with a workflow management to process the activities electronically with transparency and fairness to the all parties.

  • Profit+ERP

    1. Sales Management - Profit Plus ERP Sales Management Enterprise
    a. Point of Sale - Profit Plus ERP Super Store Management
    b. Point of Sale - Profit Plus ERP Restaurant Management
    c. Point of Sale - Profit Plus ERP Service Station Management
    d. Cooperate Sale - Profit Plus ERP Cooperate
    2. Inventory Management - Profit Plus ERP Inventory Management
    3. Accounts Receivable - Profit Plus ERP Account Receivable
    4. Accounts Payables - Profit Plus ERP Accounts Payable
    5. Fixed Asset Management - Profit Plus ERP Fixed Asset Management
    6. Branch Management - Profit Plus ERP Branch Management
    7. Bank Reconciliation - Profit Plus ERP Bank Reconciliation
    8. Production Planning - Profit Plus ERP Production Planning
    9. Job Costing - Profit Plus ERP Job Costing
    10. Quotation Handling - Profit Plus ERP Quotation Handling
    11. General Ledger - Profit Plus ERP General Ledger
    12. Customer Relationship Management - Profit Plus ERP Customer Relationship Management
    13. Supply Chain Management - Profit Plus ERP Supply Chain Management
    14. Forecasting - Profit Plus ERP Smart Forecasting
    15. Business Intelligence - Profit Plus ERP Business Intelligence
    16. Business Alerts - Profit Plus ERP Business Alerts

  • Access Control & Attendance Recording Systems

    We provide cutting edge Access control & Time Attendance solutions. For a small office up to mission critical high security zone. Our solutions include

    * Biometric (Fingerprint / Face Recognition) access control
    * Turnstile Systems (Optical Gates/ Tripod Gates, Full Height Turnstiles, ect)
    * Member management & Student Management Solutions,
    * Barrier gates, Pedestrian Gates ect

  • Point of Sales Solutions

    Our Profit Plus Point Of Sale (POS) caters from a small shop to a high end branch networks and cooperate customers with multiple options to reach cooperate Manager their stocks, sales operation of their outlet network.

    * Retails Shops & Supermarkets
    * Hotels
    * Cinema
    * Public Transport systems, buses, railways, taxies ect.
    * Cooperate sector

  • Mobile Apps Development

    We undertake Android/ Windows / Apple app developments

    1. Inventory control and sales force automation system for one of the largest multinationals in Sri Lanka.
    2. Android Mobile App for Radio stations.
    3. Inventory control system and mobile billing system for Windows tab.

  • Visitor Management System

    Visitor Management System Features
    • Visitor Registration with Photograph – Register the visitor by self or the authorized person
    • Visitor Check In and Check Out – The visitor has self check-in, or by a authorized person
    • Host Registration – The hosts of the meetings can be registered in the system to generate various reports
    • Meeting arrangement by Host Meeting – The registered hosts can arrange a meeting to the visitors. It will facilitate the visitor for unwanted delays on enrolling or grant access.
    • SMS Alerts – System can generate alerts via customer’s SMS gateway and Email server to notify the respective parties.
    • Meal Preference – The system provide facility to use meal preference of the visitor
    • Grant Access areas for visitor and track them – The system will work with access control system to grant access to the necessary areas for access.
    • Visitor Track and Zones Management – The access control system use the zones, this facilitates the administrators or the host to grant access to the respective area.
    • Security Violations Detection – Security violation can be set by the system in case of a security breach in a given criteria.
    • Item Movements with visitors – The system provide remarks area to enter the item carried by visitor for security. This can also be used for extra notes.
    • Audit Report – The system admin can generate reports using system usage and log details.