The Ultimate System to Monitor your Energy Consumption

The FIDA Global Smart Energy Meter, a unified solution that combines an Energy Meter, Spit Core Current Transformers, and advanced monitoring capabilities in one compact box. This innovative system not only provides accurate real-time measurements of Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, Frequency, and Energy but also comes with a user-friendly companion app for an enhanced monitoring experience. This comprehensive Device is fortified with surge protection, utilizing Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) and Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) to safeguard the device while absorbing small spikes of your electrical infrastructure.

Companion App :
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Real-time data monitoring on your mobile device.
  • Predictions on kWh consumption and energy bills for informed decision-making.
Why Choose Our Solution?
  • Scalability : Adapt to evolving needs effortlessly with a modular architecture that grows with your requirements
  • Security : Robust encryption and authentication mechanisms ensure the protection of your sensitive energy data.
  • Future-Proof : Stay at the forefront of innovation with compatibility with emerging technologies and easy integration capabilities.
  • Remote Accessibility : Access your energy dashboard anytime, anywhere, for ultimate convenience and flexibility

Key Features

  • Real-Time Monitoring : Keep a pulse on your energy usage with instant, accurate data displayed on a customizable dashboard
  • Cloud-Based : Storage Securely store and access historical trends, allowing you to make informed decisions for long-term efficiency.
  • Financial Metrics : Track energy costs in real-time, optimize efficiency and explore cost reduction initiatives effortlessly.
  • Environmental impact Analysis : Visualize your carbon footprint and witness the positive impact of energy-saving measures.
  • Strategic Planning : Benchmark performance, receive energy efficiency recommendations and forecast future trends for proactive decision-making.