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We simplify the complex business challenges by implementing
the innovative IT integrations and
best practices in the industry.

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We have panel of consultants who specialized on various disciplines. Mainly on
• Best application of IT,
• Human Resource Outsourcing,
• Process Improvements,
• Change Management,
• Organization Strategy

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Human Resource Information System

The “Smart HRIS” is platform to build the organization human resource assets. It facilitates by enable to achieve common goals to both employer and employees by empowering both parties.

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HelpDesk System

Our Helpdesk Solution revolutionizes customer support with a robust ticketing system. It efficiently manages inquiries, prioritizes tasks, and ensures timely responses. The platform fosters team collaboration, delivers valuable insights, and scales effortlessly. By streamlining support processes, it enhances customer experiences and fosters lasting relationships. With our solution, businesses can provide exceptional service and cultivate customer loyalty while effectively managing growth.

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Energy Management

The Smart Energy meter captures vital energy metrics like voltage, current, and total consumption, offering real-time insights via an intuitive dashboard. Users can make informed decisions and implement cost-saving measures, proactively controlling energy usage. With a focus on efficiency optimization, it leads to reduced expenses and enables a sustainable approach to energy management. Join the Smart Energy Revolution today for smarter, more cost-effective energy management.

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Mobile Apps

We undertake Android/ Windows / Apple app developments

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Enviroment Monitoring

The system is capable of alerting critical situation of data-centers and most of the environment conditions via, Web console, email, SMS, voice call, audible noise, and visual alarm beacon.

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Smart EV Charger

This electric vehicle charging unit offers selectable charging currents ranging from 6A to 32A and incorporates several safety features. It includes a power interlock to deactivate the connector and cable when unplugged, performs self-checks during startup to verify proper functioning, and monitors for ground faults and safety ground to enhance electrical safety. Additionally, it provides ground fault interruption protection with a 20mA trip and checks relay contacts for proper interlock function.

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Smart Energy Meter

An energy meter is a sophisticated device designed to measure and monitor electrical parameters in a power distribution system. It plays a crucial role in assessing energy consumption, ensuring efficient energy management, and providing accurate billing information. The meter you described incorporates various features to accurately measure and analyze electrical parameters.

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Surge Protector

The surge protector is available in three models - Surge Guard X1, X2, and X3, each offering varying levels of energy absorption and discharge capabilities to cater to different needs.

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