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Discover the Unique Excellence of FIDA Global

For over 13 years, FIDA Global has led IT and technological innovation, driven by a passion for research and development. We provide cutting-edge solutions in Business Human Capital Management, ERP integrations, IT infrastructure, IoT R&D, IT distribution, and consultancy services. Trusted by clients from SMEs to multinationals, we are known for excellence and reliability.

Our mission is to deliver world-class innovations with a commitment to social responsibility, enhancing the quality of life through technology. Join us in our journey to be a global leader and transform businesses and lives.

What we offer

Human Resource Information System

Smart HRIS cloud-based enterprise Human Capital Management Solutions, proudly serving industries for over 13 years. From startups to a large conglomerate, we cater to diverse clientele across Manufacturing, Logistics, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, and Hospitality sectors.

Streamlining complex business processes through digital disruption is our forte. With a proven track record, we've delighted clients globally with top-notch consultancy and customer service.

Our pay-as-you-go model ensures faster ROI and efficiency, requiring minimal investment. Experience significant productivity and profitability improvements through proper analysis and implementation. Explore our solutions and transform your business today.

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HelpDesk System

FIDA Helpdesk is a cloud-based solution revolutionizing customer support and incident management across industries like ICT, Transport, HR, BPO, and Manufacturing. With its robust ticketing system, it handles inquiries efficiently, prioritizes tasks, and ensures fast responses, promoting seamless team collaboration and delivering invaluable insights.

By simplifying support processes, it elevates customer experiences, fosters long-term relationships, and cultivates loyalty. Perfect for organizations seeking in-depth analysis for strategic decision-making, it helps manage growth and forge enduring customer connections.

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Business Consultancy

We navigate the complexities of today's business landscape in the face of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity). Organizations must optimize their Human Capital Management and information technology to adapt swiftly to rapid changes for sustainable existence. Traditional decision-making processes relying on gut feelings are obsolete; smart decisions require accurate information and robust systems to mitigate risks. As an innovative and award-winning ICT organization, we specialize in streamlining and optimizing human capital across diverse industry domains. Our focus areas include:

• Best application of IT
• HR Management
• Process Improvements
• Change Management
• Organization Strategy

We're committed to collaborating and investing our expertise to shape your future success and prosperity. Let's redefine your business strategies and processes for a sustainable future.

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Enterprise Environment Monitoring System

The Enterprise Environment Monitoring System monitors critical environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, liquid water presence, power, intrusion, and smoke. When a sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold, the system will notify you via email, LEDs, alarm beacon, siren, web page, network management (SNMP), voice phone calls (via Automatic Voice Dialer System), and SMS messages (via external USB 3G modem).

The system includes three internal sensors: temperature, humidity and power. It also supports external configurable sensors, digital input sensors, and output relays for control of external devices. The solution is scalable based on small organization to enterprise level mission critical operations. We design and build solution based on customer requirement.

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Energy Management

The Smart Energy meter captures vital energy metrics like voltage, current, and total consumption, offering real-time insights via an intuitive dashboard. Users can make informed decisions and implement cost-saving measures, proactively controlling energy usage. With a focus on efficiency optimization, it leads to reduced expenses and enables a sustainable approach to energy management. Join the Smart Energy Revolution today for smarter, more cost-effective energy management.

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Smart EV Charger

Introducing the FIDA EV™ Smart EVSE Charging solution, designed for diverse electric vehicle owners' needs. It offers selectable charging currents from 6A to 32A for domestic, private, or public use. Operate standalone or with smart Wi-Fi connectivity. Prioritizing safety, it includes power interlock, self-checks, and ground fault monitoring, along with ground fault interruption protection and relay contact checks. Experience innovative, versatile, and safe EV charging.

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Smart Energy Meter

Effortlessly manage energy consumption with our user-friendly solution, ideal for both domestic and non-technical consumers. Gain insights into usage patterns through graphical representations, set budgets in kWh or local currency, and stay informed with predictive analytics. Receive timely alerts to prevent budget overruns, ensuring financial peace of mind. Experience affordable, cutting-edge innovation with the latest cloud technologies and analytics, revolutionizing energy management for everyone.

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Surge Protector

The surge protector is available in three models - Surge Guard X1, X2, and X3, each offering varying levels of energy absorption and discharge capabilities to cater to different needs.

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